No Heroes Here Review for PC

No Heroes Here Review for PC

Noobland is in trouble and it’s up the last hero to save it! The hero… just died. Now you must save Noobland from the looming evil and return the relics to the king! Choose from a selection of non-heroes and defend your castles as you move through the three lands in search of the relics. Without the king’s medallion, crown, and teddy bear Noobland is hopeless. No Heroes Here is a fast paced game that keeps you on your toes as you craft canon balls, gunpowder, and an assortment of other tools to stop the enemy from breaching your castle.

This Mad Mimic game was released in early October of this year. It is a comedic fast paced game that makes you rely on teamwork. This game is a perfect multiplayer game but can get quite difficult if you are playing by yourself. This has become a go to game when my friends and I get together. We always find ourselves laughing and playfully arguing. If you don’t have another player or two, you can play on the online forum.

No Heroes Here Review for PC

Controllers are highly recommended for this 2D platformer but it is not necessary. The controls for keyboard are a little strange and can take some getting used to. If you are playing multiplayer, on one computer, one member must be on the keyboard so pick the guy with the quickest fingers.

These non-heros are charming and not your usual character selection. They range from a playful jester and a snobbish princess to a drunken priest and a clever gypsy. You can collect more characters along the way by completing the main levels and the side challenges as well. The enemies are separated into different types. Long range enemies, such as archers and spear throwers, require further aimed cannons. Short range attackers, such as the knights and club bearers, need cannons pointed almost at the door of the castle but can also be killed by the further reaching cannons if hit. Then there is the brute force enemies. These enemies require multiple hits to kill and cause more damage to your castle than the other attackers. Kill these enemies fast because the more you hit them the more aggressive they become. There are also peskey support enemies. These guys do no damage to the castle but boost the speed and attack of the other enemies. You will also have to defeat a boss at the end of each land.

No Heroes Here Review for PC

The art style is nostalgically pixelated and doesn’t have any unnecessary graphics. The music fits the three different areas perfectly and definitely gets you into the mood. I found myself getting very pumped up and jamming to the music as I played. You get a glimpse of the level before playing which I found very helpful. My friend and I would come up with strategies before diving right in.

If you enjoy platformers and castle defending games then this is the game for you. I was very pleasantly surprised by this game. It is a lot of fun and involves some puzzle solving and a lot of resource management.


*the only reason it is not 10/10 is because it is very difficult to play singleplayer*

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No Heroes Here is available for PC on Steam and will come to other platforms in the future.