Nintendo Patents Illumination Device for Gaming Usage

Nintendo Life reported that Nintendo has patented an “illumination device” for gaming use.

Nintendo Patents Illumination Device for Gaming Usage

The illumination device patent was filed back in September 2010 and was approved today.

“According to the document, which used the Wii in its drawings, this device seemed intended to provide a surrounding ambiance around the TV:

The position and direction in which to install the illumination device are optional. In the present embodiment, however, the illumination device is assumed to illuminate a wall (a house wall or a curtain) behind the television with visible light, so that the user sees the light on the wall. Therefore, the illumination device is preferably installed so as to emit visible light rearward of the television. Also, in FIG. 1, the illumination device is installed on the marker device. In another embodiment, the illumination device may be installed directly on the television or may be installed behind the television on a stand having the television mounted thereon. Alternatively, the illumination device may have provided therewith a member capable of hanging the illumination device at the back of the television.”

What are your thoughts about this device? Would you ever use it?

Source: Nintendo Life