Nintendo Direct – Get The Latest Update on Summer Titles for Wii U and 3DS

The Nintendo Direct broadcast took place this morning, and announced all of the summer titles that will releasing on 3DS and Wii U.

Here are the updates:

  • The GamePad can be used as a map and inventory, or the game can be played in off-TV mode
  • Resident Evil Revelations is launching in stores and the Wii U eShop on May 21
  • In New Super Luigi U, you can play as Nabbit in multiplayer mode
  • Nabbit can’t collect power ups, but he can’t take damage from enemies either
  • New Super Luigi U will be available as DLC for Nintendo Super Mario Bros. U in the Wii U eShop on June 20
  • If you don’t own Nintendo Super Mario Bros. U, a standalone retail version of New Super Luigi U will be at stores August 25
  • The Wonderful 101 is coming September 15. More detail to follow
  • Pikmin 3 has three new main characters: Alph, Brittany and Charlie
  • You’ll have a chance to play some of the Wii U games that Nintendo be showing at E3 at select Best Buy locations during E3

Are you excited about the new game releases?