Nintendo Developing “Virtual U” VR Platform

UPDATE: This is a prank admitted to by Nintendo.

Nintendo has announced that it’s developing the Virtual U VR platform that rivals Sony’s Morpheus and Oculus Rift.

Nintendo described the new Virtual U VR platform has having “built-in headphones and an easy to use dongle for synchronizing data and charging the unit when not in use — pictured below — Nintendo aims to make the device as affordable, accessible and desirable as possible.”

Nintendo Developing Virtual U VR Platform

Below is the features and objectives list of the new Virtual U VR platform, which is jokingly referred to as Virtual Boy 2 internally:

  • Apps for all scenarios
  • Products to accompany the headset for customisation
  • Reality — a tagline will be “a new reality for U”.
  • Innovative ideas
  • Light to wear
  • Flexibility
  • Only gaming system formally approved by the World Dental Federation
  • Optimised Virtual Reality
  • Leader of the field
  • “Super Reality”, another key promotional phrase we can expect to see.

Are you excited about the new Nintendo Virtual U VR platform? Let us know your thoughts below.

Source: Nintendo Life