Night in the Woods Announced, Trailer

Night in the Woods has been announced for PS4, PC, Mac and Linux by Infinite Fall and Finji.

Night in the Woods Announced for PS4, Trailer

Here is how the developer describes the game:

Night In The Woods is an adventure game heavily focused on story, characters and exploration, with some platforming to get around town. Mae’s a cat so the roofs and ledges and powerlines are all her playground, and she’s not the only one up there by a long shot. You’ll also be doing various activities and interacting with the world in different ways, getting to know the townspeople, hanging out with friends, exploring Possum Springs inside and out, and venturing into the surrounding areas.

Take a a look at the Night in the Woods announce trailer below:

Night in the Woods will release sometime in 2015 for PS4, PC, Mac and Linux.

What did you think of the video? Are you looking forward to playing?

Source: PlayStation Blog