Nibblers by Rovio Adds New Levels

Nibblers by Rovio Adds New Levels


Angry Birds creator Rovio Entertainment Ltd has announced that Nibblers, the evolved match puzzler starring the sharp-toothed Coral, Octo, Bouncer and the gang, is adding even more levels in a major update just in time for Halloween.

The Shoctober Pumpkin Hunt brings 30 more levels for the hungry fish out of water to nibble through, and hides special pumpkins in amidst the fruit, mud and bushes of the Lands Above. Finding a pumpkin unlocks Octo’s reanimated doppelgänger Shock Octo – with devastating consequences for the evil Lizards harassing the Nibblers.

Nibblers by Rovio Adds New Levels

Launched in September with 200 levels, successive updates including the latest now bring the running total to 320 puzzling challenges for the toothy gang of fish exploring dry land and searching for tasty fruit.

Nibblers has quietly proven itself a cult hit, with players devouring three times more content than we originally planned for,” explains Teemu Hämäläinen, Nibblers Executive Producer. “This means that we have had to accelerate our update schedule and put even more levels in the pipeline, including another major update in time for Christmas. We’ve even seen fan art, which is gratifying for a brand new IP in a crowded marketplace. We look forward to taking the fans to some exciting new directions, and opening up the adventure to new players too.”

You can download Nibblers now from the App Store or Google Play.

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