New Super Luigi U is Now Available in Stores

Nintendo of America just announced that New Super Luigi U is now available in stores.

Play as Luigi through 82 updated courses

With Mario nowhere to be found, it’s up to Luigi to save the day. While set in the same world as New Super Mario Bros. U, every course in New Super Luigi U has been updated for a unique gaming experience.

Get Ready to Run

Your time limit is just 100 seconds for each action-packed course.

Sharpen Your Skills

Find the best way through each course by playing again and again.

Have Fun with Friends

Play with up to four other people*, and share your tips on Miiverse.

  • For the first time, play as Nabbit

    You may remember him as a baddie in New Super Mario Bros.™ U, but now Nabbit’s on your side. And while he can’t
    use power-ups, he’s invincible to enemies and obstacles—so he’s perfect for new players.

    Obstacles won’t slow him down!

    Enemy Two Enemies Nabbit

Below you can view the New Super Luigi U Overview Trailer (in Japanese).

The New Super Luigi U can be purchased at retailers for $29.99 while the eShop version is $19.99.

Are you excited about playing?