New SOMA PS4 Trailer and Details Released

Frictional Games has released another PS4 trailer for its horror title, SOMA.

The developer is currently about a week away from SOMA’s Alpha version, which means that more than half of the full game is playable. SOMA is currently clocking in at around 5 hours, meaning the final game will end up at 8 hours or so.

“SOMA is a bit different to have in Alpha mode than most other games. Normally, a game relies on a core mechanic that creates the basic engagement. While graphics and sound are important, you can mostly test the game pretty early on with only temporary assets in place. This lets you get a feel for the game at a very early stage. Not so for us.”

“SOMA doesn’t rely on a core gameplay loop – such as shooting baddies or jumping platforms – to create a sense of fun. Instead, you’ll take part in a wide range of activities; it’s impossible to narrow it down to one. You’ll search for notes, solve puzzles, hide from dangers, explore unsettling places, take part in strange events and sometimes just run away. All of these come together with the graphics and soundscape to create a larger whole.”

You can view the SOMA Theta trailer below, which features a few in-game scenes along with fresh voice work. The trailer also contains a few clues on what the game’s story will be about:

You can also view the SOMA Upsilon video and  SOMA debut trailer and screenshots .

SOMA is scheduled to release for PS4 and PC in 2015. What did you think of the new Theta video?

Source: PlayStation