New SimCity Update from Bradshaw

A new SimCity update from Maxis Head, Lucy Bradshaw, appeared yesterday evening on Twitter. You can read her statement below:

“I’ll keep this short since almost everyone who cares is busy building cities and making friends in SimCity.

Maxis continues to make huge progress in addressing the lag and server-capacity issues we experienced at launch. We’ve improved our server response time by 40x, we’ve doubled the number of players in the game at the same time and reduced server down times.

The situation is good, but not good enough. And since my boss is one of the negatively affected (!) – we’re still driving hard to get everyone online, playing together, and no hitches. Tens of thousands of new players are logging in every day. For that support – that commitment from our fans — we are deeply grateful. More than anything, we know that information is important to our players.

Our Twitter chat today made that especially clear, and I want to say thank you sharing your ideas, your issues and for being, well, nicer than I thought you would be, given everything you’ve been through. Thank you.

The new servers we rolled out have a new faster set up. We are now dedicated to updating our original servers so that those of you who have been playing these past few days can get the benefits on servers where your cities are played. To do this, we will have to take the original servers down one by one to upgrade them. The improvements will be worth the downtime, and thanks for hanging with us as we do this.

We’ll also be adding more tonight as well. We’ll be sending out detailed info shortly through our community forums and launcher. That’s it for today. We’ll keep you updated on what’s to come. Expect the first of our server upgrades to start this evening.”

Here is the tweet:

Head of Maxis Lucy Bradshaw has a new #SimCity update. Read about the progress we’re making:
— SimCity (@simcity) March 10, 2013

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