New Puzzle/RPG STAR VIKINGS Announced by Creators of Chroma Squad


New Puzzle/RPG STAR VIKINGS Announced by Creators of Chroma Squad

Creators of Dungeonland, Chroma Squad and Relic Hunters Zero announce their new game, and it’s… weird

Minas, Brazil – Star Vikings is designed for people like us who miss games like Peggle, Plants vs. Zombies and Bookworm Adventures, from a time before “free to play” and microtransactions, when quality, fun and accessibility came before “monetization.”

Developer Rogue Snail wanted to make a casual game that is fun, easy to get into and that respects players’ intelligence. Their goal is to turn your non-gamer grandma into a hardcore min-maxing machine by the time the credits roll!

Also, Star Vikings has a really strange and interesting development story. Why don’t you ask the developer about it? They didn’t even want to release it in the first place! It forced itself into existence! They believe it will sell under a thousand copies! Exclamation marks!

Star Vikings will be released this Summer on Windows, Mac and Linux and it’s on Steam Greenlight right now because of course it is.

Star Vikings Features:

  • Unique Puzzle/RPG gameplay based on teamwork and chain reactions
  • 6-8 hour Story mode packed with colorful characters and dialog
  • Equip and level up your crew of up to 5 Vikings
  • Choose between six classes with unique skills
  • Procedurally-generated puzzles for endless replayability
  • “Endgame” system with Leaderboards – compete with your friends!
  • Secret levels and “funny” jokes!
  • Available this Summer for Windows/OSX/Linux


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Watch the Star Vikings Greenlight trailer:

About Rogue Snail:

Rogue Snail is a one-man label owned by Mark Venturelli, veteran Brazilian designer with games such as Dungeonland, Chroma Squad and Relic Hunters Zero under his belt. Together with old friends from the now extinct Critical Studio he birthed Star Vikings!

As for why… that’s complicated. Suffice it to say, this game refused to die no matter how many times we tried to kill it – and now, more than 3 years after its first appearance in this world, it is nearing release and it looks like nothing can stop it. Funny story, would love to tell it in detail if you want to hear it.

The developer will be hosting a closed Beta next month. Anyone can sign up and it is first-come, first-served. The instructions can be found on Steam Greenlight.

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