New Pokémon Online Competitions Announced

Several new Pokémon online competitions have been announced by Nintendo.

New Pokémon Online Competitions Announced

Think Fast Competition: Single Battle

First up and starting from June 6th through June 8th. Each round of the competition is limited to a single 10-minute Single Battle, with a 30-second preview of the opponent’s team, and 15 seconds to make moves each turn.

2014 International Challenge June

Coming later in June, players will be able to earn Championship Points which can be used to possibly secure a trip to the World Championships later this summer.

Eevee Friendly Match

One of two events coming in July, this match will limit participant’s Pokémon to only Eevee and its various evolutions. To mix up the battles even more, the Rotation Battle format will be used to increase the challenge and fun of the competition.

July All Star Battle

This event  will allow two Legendary or Mythical Pokémon to appear on competitor’s teams. This competition will also use the Double Battle Format.

Think Fast Competition

Coming in August, this event  makes a return but this time in Double Battle form. However, players will not be able to see a preview of their opponent’s pocket monster, and each player can only have one Pokémon in reverse, for a total of three Pokémon per side in each battle.

The Fairy-Type Cup

Coming in the autumn months, this event  will be limited exclusively to Fairy Pokémon

Halloween Party

Coming in the autumn months as well, this event will have a similar format as the Fairy-Type Cup, but will be exclusive to Ghost Pokémon.

Will you be participating? Let us know and we’ll cover your progress here.

Source: Nintendo Life