New Payment Method for Gaming Industry Kicks off with Fragoria

New Payment Method for Gaming Industry Kicks off with Fragoria

The blockchain monetization solution for developers and publishers allows users to purchase in- games items and games and earn money using cryptocurrency

LOS ANGELES, CA.GameCredits Inc., the LA–based IT and financial company with a mission to deliver blockchain based products to a mass market in the gaming industry, today announced its partnership with Datcroft Games Ltd., the global gaming development company with 12 million users, known for creating beautiful game worlds. The partnership will allow users to purchase games and earn money using GameCredits’ unique cryptocurrency payments solution, which integrates starting from popular Datcroft games including MMORPGs, TPS and social games. The first game to integrate GameCredits is MMORPG Fragoria, the popular web-based, free-to-play multiplayer game, available for play and exchange using GameCredits in early December.

GameCredits’ integration into popular games will allows users to:

  • Buy in-game items and purchase games

  • Have larger deposit limits than traditional payment methods

  • Win gamecredits and spend across different games

  • Easily cash out or send to exchanges

  • Multiply value of gamecredits cryptocurrency (GAME) due to demand pressure

“Among the biggest issues with monetizing the gaming community are limited options for depositing and spending money, difficulty transferring funds between games and unsecure methods for storing funds” said Sergey Sholom, CEO of Datcroft. “GameCredits’ partnership with Datcroft Games Ltd. marks a turning point in both the crypto- and gaming industries by providing a safe and easy system for monetizing the blockchain for gaming.”

GameCredits is a winning solution for gamers as well as developers enabling developers to:

  • Receive substantial savings over traditional revenue-share models

  • Receive immediate payouts of earned revenues

  • Control their revenue economy by promoting and incentivizing GameCredits Inc. payment options

  • Benefit from cross promotion of other games in the ecosystem

  • Profit from demand pressure put on gamecredits cryptocurrency price

“We believe there’s never before been a more viable solution to monetizing the blockchain for gaming,” said Sholom. “We’re testing out the payments solution with one of the most popular games, Fragoria, which features around 8 million players– and this is the first of many games GameCredits will integrate with.”

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