New FURI Trailer Electrifies with All-Boss Gameplay


New FURI Trailer Electrifies with All-Boss Gameplay

Today The Game Bakers released the first all-gameplay trailer for its stylized, high-energy combat-action game Furi, slated for release on PlayStation 4 and PC in 2016.

Furi takes players on a quest for freedom as they defeat deadly, formidable adversaries in intense one-on-one fights. Furi’s ultra-responsive mix of fast-paced sword fighting and dual-stick shooting results in something quite different.

In this new trailer, the developer is showing one of the fiercest guardians. She is a tactician, a hunter, a playful mercenary who does not leave anything to chance.

“There is a feeling that I remember from when I was a kid playing video games: the huge, intense satisfaction when I finally beat a level or a boss I had been struggling with for a while,” explained Emeric Thoa, Creative Director, in his blog post. “The feeling of learning how to overcome a challenge, with my brain and my thumbs. The combination of understanding and execution felt like a reward in itself. I remember it from games like Super Punch Out, bosses from Metal Gear Solid, combat in God Hand.

New FURI Trailer Electrifies with All-Boss Gameplay

“There are many games that gave me that feeling, but recently I felt that maybe games try too hard to be ‘user friendly.’ Adaptive difficulty, dynamic checkpoints, in-game tips… Everything is explained and balanced to make sure nobody drops out. With Furi, we want to give the player an extreme satisfaction when s/he beats a boss. That means s/he’ll have to sweat a little for it.”

Furi is inspired by the “Japanese way” of making games: It is not realistic in its style or animations. It is fast-paced and requires great timing, reflexes, and judgment. With immediately responsive controls, players have the ability to think and act nimbly. And each of the formidable “guardians” — designed by Afro Samurai creator Takashi Okazaki — has a distinct, surprising combat style requiring gamers’ absolute focus, skill, and split-second reflexes to defeat.

The high-energy collision of vibrant visuals and electrifying combat is boosted from an explosive soundtrack composed by electro musicians highlighted by Carpenter Brut, who created this boss music.

Here is the new FURI all-boss gameplay trailer:

Furi is slated for a 2016 release on PS4 and PC.

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