NeuroVoider Opens Up Alpha Phase to Every Preorder

NeuroVoider Opens Up Alpha Phase to Every Preorder

Plug In Digital and Developer Flying Oak Games has announced that NeuroVoider is opening up its Alpha Phase to every preorder of the game.

NeuroVoider is a twin-stick shooter RPG in a futuristic world controlled by robots. Battle through the horde of vigilant robots, boost your character with the remaining parts of your victims, and defeat the master NeuroVoider. NeuroVoider is a local multiplayer hack’n’slash styled shooter, with a pinch of rogue-like over the sound of the Dark Synth music of Dan Terminus whispering in your ears.

Control the last organic brains in a world ruled by machines and fight your way through the metallic oppression. Loot and assemble the armed and armored parts of your robotic foes in order to build your own robotic entity to pilot. NeuroVoider is an explosive top down shooter in procedurally generated worlds where enemies and loots will never spawn at the same place twice. Dodge and annihilate hundreds of different droids, and bosses so gigantic they will not fit in your 4K screen.

NeuroVoider Opens Up Alpha Phase to Every Preorder


  • Action packed top-down shooting. May include explosions.
  • Local multiplayer up to 4 players. Total coop rampage.
  • Procedurally generated content and hazards. Hope you don’t mind a few game overs.
  • 8736 unique enemies to blow up. Yes, we counted.
  • Tons of loot to customize your character with. Explode your foes with that “double twin-plasma shotgun of father doom” you’ve just dropped.
  • Gigantic bosses to challenge your bullet dodging skills. Chances are that they don’t fit on your 4K monitor.
  • Powerful dark synth music by Dan Terminus. May your ears survive the beat.

Here is the official trailer:

NeuroVoider will launch March, 2016 on Steam for PC and Mac.

Source: Press Release