Nebulous Physics-Based Space Puzzler Heading to PC, PS4, Oculus Rift

Nebulous, a sci-fi physics-based puzzler with a lot of laughs by developer Namazu Studios, is coming to PC in Q2 2015, with PS4 and Oculus Rift launches planned for the future.

GDC Play 2015 attendees will get an early demo of the game at booth PL 202.

Players assume the role of an astronaut who finds himself sucked into a wormhole filled with giant maze-like puzzles.  Gamers must navigate each challenging stage by rearranging gravity changing tools, bumpers, blocks, ramps and springs as the astronaut waits suspended above, before releasing him into the fray and allowing gravity to take its course.

Take a look at the new screenshots below:

And, here is the official trailer:

Source: Press Release