NBA Live 14 Significant Content Update Coming Soon

EA Sports announced that the second significant content update will be coming soon for NBA Live 14.

NBA Live 14 Content Update Coming Soon


EA Sports promised to,

“…not only are we going to provide improvements to 5-on-5 gameplay and visuals, but we’ve included an entirely new onboarding mode as well.”

The new update will feature the following, which you can read about on the EA Sports website:

  • Shootaround
  • Visual Upgrades
  • Gameplay improvements
  • And, more

EA’s Ty Stover said that the NBA Live 14 update could be coming as early as today:

In case you missed them, check out NBA Live 14 three dribbling tutorial videos here.

Have you been playing NBA Live 14? What do you think of it so far?

Source: EA Sports