Narborion Saga Series 1st Book Receives a Major Update

New Edition is Re-released on a New SagaScribe Engine and Now Has a Revamped IAP system and New Features Matching Book II: The God of Orcs

Budapest, Hungary, May 7th 2015 – Updated edition of FTP Choose Your Own Adventure gamebook app Narborion Saga by indie developer Liber Primus Games is now available on the AppStore, GooglePlay and Amazon. The original blood-tingling Narborion story is now even more interactive with overhauled combat system, better character customization and the only in-app purchase – “Unlock All” feature for $6.99.

Narborion Saga Series 1st Book Receives a Major Update

“I’m pleased to announce that the first book of Narborion Saga has received a major update,” said Editor-in-Chief Dénes Csiszár. ”Players can now enjoy all the developments of Book II: The God of Orcs in the first book as well, including the new grid-based combat system, the Arena and the ability to upload custom battle figures into the game.”

Once again Liber Primus Games listened to community feedback and gave their players what they wanted – full Narborion Series in the best form possible. Book II: The God of Orcs also received an update: a stand-alone side-quest titled “A little bit of candlelight”, which is now available in the Arena.

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Source: Press Release