Mystic Melee Review for PC

Mystic Melee Review for PC

In this retro styled game, four arcane wizards must face an evil mage and save their world by mastering spells. Mystic Melee by developer Serenity Forge is a fast paced, physics based platformer for PC. You will learn how to dash, wall jump, slide, and control your wind based powers as you tackle increasingly difficult levels. In the word’s of the developers, it’s “easy to learn and hard to master.” This retro-esque platformer definitely took me by surprise. Reminiscent of Metroid and Castlevania, this game is quite tricky as suggested by the developers. As you dive into this world you will meet several different environments including temples, forest, and an icy world. Not only can you take on this world and the evil mage in single player, you can battle up to three friends in a multiplayer melee. Though this game is for PC a controller in highly suggested.

Mystic Melee is set up on a letter grading system. You are graded on combos and time then those two grades are averaged for the final grade. You can always replay the level to improve your grade.

You will pick up spells that will aid you in finishing the level and defeat the enemies. The spells have limited uses so if you don’t complete the task they are needed for before you run out you will have to reactivate the spell by backtracking to the nearest spell point. This comes in handy because it may take you several attempts to pass certain sections. Some parts you need a certain amount of Hp to pass, having to take damage to progress.

Mystic Melee Review for PC

There is a check point system so if die or need to back track you can try again from the last checkpoint.

The most impressive part of this game is the style and sound. This pixelated platformer was a flash to the past. The sound was no different. The music and sound effects really makes it feel like this game came out in the 1980’s rather than September of 2017. The music reminds me of old superhero cartoons. The main difference between this game and Metroid and Castlevania is that it is very colorful. It’s villians and color pallets resembles Mario rather than the darker platformers. These new characters are immediately likable. The wizards styles are so unique from each other that I know everyone will have a personal favorite. The enemies are also likable. Just like Mario’s shy guys or goombas the enemies are insidious. You may want to hug the chubby little cactuses with faces but that will knock 20 hp of your health bar. Bringing in the multiplayer melee reminds me of Smash Bros, which just tops this retro cake.

Though I have been comparing Mystic Melee to other retro platformers, I find it to be quite refreshing. I love retro games and often find myself going back to them. Mystic Melee gives me something new to play and master but it still feels familiar and nostalgic. I highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys platformers and/or retro games. Whether you feel like brawling it out with friends or mastering over 50 levels, Mystic Melee is the game to go to.


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Mystic Melee is available for PC on Steam Early Access for $14.99.