MyRealGames Promises Date-Night Alternative for Valentine’s Day

MyRealGames Promises Date-Night Alternative for Valentine's Day

Once the Christmas and New Year celebrations are over, it isn’t long until the next big holiday comes around as February looms closer. This Valentine’s Day, as tables at restaurants are fully booked and the magic of movie nights has dwindled, enjoying a free online game could be the perfect low-key way for partners to spend fun time together, providing the ultimate date night alternative.

My Real Games is America’s foremost gaming website, hosting a variety of games in all imaginable genres. Whether looking for a two-player title or happy taking the gameplay in turns, the fun, fast paced and instant entertainment found at the premium gaming platform facilitates bonding, interaction and most importantly, quality time together. And costing nothing at all, it is also perfect for those budget months that follow the holiday season.

MyRealGames Promises Date-Night Alternative for Valentine's Day

Nikolai Veselov from said,

“While some couples go all out on Valentine’s Day with expensive presents and flashy evenings away, some wish to show the other they care in a simpler way. Cozy nights in are popular for this but now, as the latest films and television shows are so readily available, this isn’t such a special event. For something new, enjoying a back-to-back night of online gaming – also accompanied by the comfort food and drink of choice – can be a great way to spend a night together, and it might even spark the start of a new hobby to enjoy together for weeks, months and years to come!”

For those that wish to test each other’s skills, the multiplayer category provides a huge selection of challenging games to choose from. Entering the world of Klondike opens up an evening of adventure, while Dreamfields offers a new, fantasy take on the popular farming genre, located in a dream world with many marvelous creatures to meet.

Only to be played by those with a sense of humor, Whack Your Ex gives couples the chance to show their appreciation for one another by forgetting about their past flings, while Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby transports players to a more conventionally romantic environment, filled with old-time glamor.

Couples browse the full range of free to play titles online this Valentine’s Day at

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