My Arcade NES Classic Gamepad Review

The GamePad Classic controller from My Arcade is now out and Gaming Cypher has had the opportunity to review it for our viewers. Let’s take a look at how the GamePad Classic Controller from My Arcade stands out from the competition.

First let’s get a brief overview of what exactly this controller is. The GamePad Classic controller is meant for the new NES Classic Edition that Nintendo released last year. However, it can also be used as an alternative controller for the Nintendo Wii and Wii U consoles.

The controls on the GamePad Classic controller are basically a replica of the classic NES controller that first came out with Nintendo’s famous system. Users are able to use the D-pad, select button, start button, B button, and A button. Even the look is nearly the same, sporting a black background with red buttons.

My Arcade NES Classic Gamepad Review

In terms of functionality, this controller is great. It is wireless and players are able to game up to 30 feet away without any lag. As we tested games, we never experienced lag or disconnection, allowing us to enjoy a seamless experience. The only interruption a user might experience is if they have to change the batteries; two AAA batteries will allow about 75 hours of playtime until they have to be replaced.

As for the feel of the controller, it is extremely comfortable to grip and hold. We were able to play for about two hours and our hands never cramped or became uncomfortable. As mentioned above, the GamePad Classic controller is wireless, allowing the player to be in pretty much whichever location or position they want as long as it’s in a decent proximity to the system.

Players are able to get this controller at the very reasonable price of $14.99 off of Amazon. For this price, along with the great functionality, durability, and feel that this controller offers, the GamePad Classic controller is a definite buy for anybody looking for a wireless solution for their new NES Classic Edition, Wii U, or Wii console.