Multimedia Artist Baiyon Joins Q-Games as Creative Producer

Multimedia Artist Baiyon Joins Q-Games as Creative Producer

Q-Games is pleased to announce that long-time friend and collaborator Baiyon will be officially joining the Q-Games staff full time as a Creative Producer. Known for his numerous musical productions and contributions to critically acclaimed titles like our very own PixelJunk Eden and PixelJunk 4am, we know that Baiyon’s addition to Q-Games’ growing arsenal of amazing creative people is going to lead to some extraordinary adventures. As Q-Games marches forward with dedication to developing innovative and original experiences across a wide variety of genres and technologies, Baiyon will be a vital asset in leading that charge.

Q-Games founder and president Dylan Cuthbert on Baiyon’s addition:

“Every day is going to be just that little bit crazier with Baiyon around. I’m looking forward to seeing how his creativity and attention to detail will develop in this exciting new phase for him.”

Baiyon had the following to say about his new venture:

“For nearly 15 years I’ve acted as a freelance artist, but now I’m taking on the challenge of being a Creative Producer at Q-Games. I’ve had the privilege of collaboration with many other artists and studios from around the world and accumulating the experience and knowledge that comes with that, but was starting to feel that fully utilizing those as just one person had become difficult. I felt like I needed a place that I could call home in order to do things right.

Q-Games was the first place that came to mind, as a company that’s based in my home city of Kyoto, and the company that got me involved deeply with the games industry through my collaborations on PixelJunk Eden and PixelJunk 4am.

It’s time for me to try my hand at creating fresh experiences never before seen and helping to breathe new life into the industry using my unique talents and methods of expression.”

About Baiyon

An extremely versatile multimedia artist based in Kyoto, Japan, Baiyon made his debut in 2004 by providing music for the documentary Moog. Since then he has been involved in a number of recording projects, such as the benefit albums Vibes against Vibes vol.1 and Vibes against Vibes vol.2 which went to support relief efforts for the Great East Japan earthquake of March 2011, and the in the collaborations series which is now up to its fifth release..

Baiyon has also worked on several video games, composing music for the Little Big Planet 2 soundtrack as well as working on a music sequencer for use by players. He has also composed music for the Fotonica and Panoramical soundtracks and handled the art and sound direction for PixelJunk 4am and PixelJunk Eden. He was featured in the September 2012 issue of Game Developer magazine for his work on PixelJunk 4am. You can find more information on his website at