MSPORT NATIONALS Lets You Compete for $10,000 and Win the First Mobile Gaming Championship Ever

MSPORT NATIONALS Lets You Compete for $10,000 and Win the First Mobile Gaming Championship Ever
Motorola, in association with ESL Nordic, presents: MSPORT NATIONALS

Mobile gaming has overtaken both computer and video gaming in popularity, according to a national survey made in Sweden. In conjunction to this new trend, Motorola – in association with ESL Nordic – launches a new sort of championship called MSPORT NATIONALS. Everyone can join and the qualifications are now open throughout November @ESLPlay. The finals take place during Dreamhack Winter on December 3rd and the prize pool is over $10,000.

Motorola, in association with ESL Nordic, are the initiators of Sweden’s first professional championship in mobile gaming, called MSPORT NATIONALS, a new type of eSport. The competition is open for everyone, and is divided into the three different divisions, respectively for Hearthstone; Power Rangers: Legacy Wars and Modern Combat 5.

During November, four qualifiers will be held at ESL Noridc’s online gaming platform ESL Play. The best players will compete for a total prize pool of $10,000 and the title of being the first MSPORT NATIONALS Champion ever, in each game. Read more and sign up here:

Moto Z2 Force + Moto Gamepad creates a superior mobile gaming experience

Moto Z2 Force, the new flagship model for Motorola, is equipped with a Snapdragon 835-processor, 6 GB RAM and a 5,5″ Quad HD 1440p Super AMOLED-screen. Moto Z2 Force is a modular smartphone, making it possible to transform the phone to basically anything. Connected with Moto Gamepad Mod, Moto Z2 Force is the perfect mobile gaming tool, with analogue controls, force feedback and simply all the buttons you need to win.

  • Smartphones are becoming increasingly powerful, making them eligible even as a gaming platform. I truly believe that Moto Z2 Force, in combination with Moto Gamepad, makes out the best mobile gaming experience in the world, says Joakim Liljedahl, Nordic Marketing Manager for Motorola at Lenovo.
More information about Moto Z2   + Moto Gamepad: 

Swedish survey: Mobile gaming now the number one platform!
In line with the growing trend of mobile gaming, msport (mobile sport) is introduced as a new concept in esports. According to Swedish national survey, mobile gaming has become the most popular form of playing games, surpassing both video- and computer gaming. Nearly 60% of Swedes state that they play mobile games, while less than 50% play computer games and fewer than every third plays video games.