Mr Odjo Available Now for Android and Windows Phone

In a press release sent to Gaming Cypher this morning, BitBox Games announced Mr Odjo is now available for Android and Windows Phone.

Palma de Mallorca, December 3th, 2014. Bitbox Games is proud to announce the release of Mr Odjo, developed by the Spanish indie VIGS studio. The game is available now for Google Play (Android) and Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone), in upcoming weeks, it will be launched in the AppStore (iOS) .


In the game, we control the friendly but unfortunate Mr Odjo, who must feed cookies to the hungry Mutant Beasts of the sewer in order to not being eaten. In addition to catch the falling cookies, Mr Odjo must avoid the radioactive barrels and use the powers of the multicolored potions in their advantage (slow/accelerate the item’s fall speed, increase or reduce cookie’s size, activate the score multiplier…).


Mr Odjo game design is strongly inspired by the “Game & Watch” games from the 80’s: simple rules but great game play experience where skills and reflexes are above all. The art direction translates the simplicity and purity of that years into nowadays likes and expectations of the younger players.


Mr Odjo features two game modes: Easy, specifically designed for younger players; and Hardcore, the complete experience for the most exigent player. At the time of launch, Mr Odjo, has full integration with Google Play Games (Android) including Leaderboards and 12 Achievements.

Take a look at the official teaser trailer:

The game is fully localized to the following languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Catalan, Swedish & Japanese.

For VIGS, formed by Video Game Industry professionals, Mr Odjo is their first indie released game. For Bitbox Games this is the third successful release for smarthphone/tablet platforms this year after the release of Scourge Ambush (Tragnarion), Bloxland Story (Talaiot Studio).

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Source: Press Release