Move Or Die Now Available on Steam

Move Or Die Now Available on Steam

New Inventive Challenges and Gameplay Content to be Constantly Added to the Friendship-Ruining Game

Bucharest, Romania – January 21, 2016 – From the couches of independent developer Those Awesome Guys, Move or Die is officially out of Early Access and is available today on Steam. With a 98% Steam approval rating, Move or Die is a fast-paced, four-player local and online multiplayer party game that will be a must have in your game library with its ridiculously fun gameplay variety and amusing art style. To celebrate the full game launch Move or Die is available for the limited time promotional price of $13.49 (10% discount from SRP).

“The launch of Move or Die is just the beginning of what should be a long and fun road ahead,” said Nicolae Berbece, founder and developer of Those Awesome Guys. “There are many plans for new game challenges and content to be added every month based on what gamers want to see. I’m very proud to finally launch the game and looking forward to all the feedback from players around the world.”

As its name suggests, Move or Die forces players to be in constant action as stopping will deplete the health of characters and stopping too long results in a comic “splat” death. Move or Die is a quick game to pick up, and a very hard one to put down.

Move Or Die Now Available on Steam

Move or Die Key Features Include:

  • Four-Player Local/Online Multiplayer and Offline Practice Modes
    Play as one of several outrageous characters on the couch with friends, online against people from around the world or battle devious bots offline.
  • Game Modes Galore
    Choose from an always increasing variety of hilarious game modes that quickly change each round to match the intense lightning-paced gameplay.
  • Leveling-Up System
    Acquire crazy skins for your character and unlock new game modes as you squash your opponents.
  • Amusing Visual Style and Killer Tunes
    Get your blood pumping with vibrant 2D graphics, as well as a head-bobbing soundtrack by Jacob Lincke.
  • Controller and Keyboard Support
    Play with a controller, keyboard…or…the guitar and drums from Guitar Hero. Your choice. (Although, we recommend a controller :))

Here is the Move or Die Steam launch trailer:

Available now on Steam, Move or Die will have gamers battling each other in an ever-growing list of game modes. Each challenge has its own outrageous level design and rule set to promote hours of laughter and good old friendship-destroying fun. Win battles and unlock insane new character skins and crazier game modes.

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