MORIBUND Hits Steam Early Access

MORIBUND Hits Steam Early Access

Developer  Traptics has announced that local co-op mayhem MORIBUND has landed on Steam Early Access.

Moribund is a true brainchild of the couch co-op school of gaming, in which you use a fungus-spewing gun to incapacitate, dismember and eradicate your enemies in a post-apocalyptic setting that adds flavor and a great rationale for the never ending supply of fungus ammo.

Gather around, pick up up to 4 controllers and show your friends and/or colleagues what’s what.

MORIBUND Steam Early Access Acess Features:

  • 1 mode (more to come)
  • 8 characters
  • 40 levels in 4 different settings (more to come)
  • New content and mode implementation will be prioritized according to feedback

Watch the Moribund Steam Early Access Trailer:

Moribund is now available for PC on Steam Early Access.

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