Moribund Gets Huge Update on Steam Early Access

Moribund Gets Huge Update on Steam Early Access

Developer  Traptics has released the second update for Moribund, which is currently on Steam Early Access.

Moribund Update Notes:

  • A whole new “Mountain” locale with its own music theme and 10 new levels that bring 2 extra mechanics to the game. These bring the total number of levels up to 60. And the developer plans to keep adding levels!
  • A tutorial mode for those that want to get acquainted with the ins and outs of shooting fungi to enemies before ripping them apart. There is an art to that too, you know.
  • A new move that uses compressed air to knock back the enemy combatant, hopefully towards some trap or other level hazard. It takes skill to use correctly but it gives you the chance to say you literally blew your enemy away, right?

Everyone who already has the Steam Early Access version get the content update for free.

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