Mordheim: City of the Damned Shifts Into Early Access Phase 2

Rogue Factor and Focus Home Interactive have announced that Mordheim: City of the Damned has shifted into Early Access Phase 2.


Here is what the developer had to say,

We’ve three pieces of great news for you yearning for more Mordheim updates.

As you’re aware, we’ll be rolling out content updates incrementally right the way through to launch (as well of course as patches to fix bugs!) The first of these content updates includes something we know you’re excited for: the Sisters of Sigmar, and the first part of warbands’ management with weapon and armor equipment!

You’ll access and manage all these features in the Warcamp, a visual hub where you’ll navigate each of the features implemented in content update 1, bringing us into Phase Two of the Early Access, and future content yet unreleased.

You’ll notice that changing armour isn’t yet a visual experience, but don’t worry, that’s coming soon – unit statistics will change. However, you’ll be able to change weapons and that certainly is visual (you can’t have a pistol looking like a sword after-all!)

The video below showcases these changes, so if you haven’t yet delved into Mordheim, take a moment to see what’s new – we’re updating the game with new content pretty regularly, and we have our road-map on the Steam Page, so you know what’s coming:

Here’s a breakdown of the content update in full, and we hope you enjoy how the game’s progressing. Let us know on the Steam Hub, forums, or our social media channels.

The Sisters of Sigmar: A magic and melee based warband deemed as ‘heretics’ by the broader Cult of Sigmar because they miraculously survived the impact of the twin tailed comet. Completely devoted to their god, the Sisters of Sigmar seek to cleanse Mordheim of the many evils within the city walls, locking away the wyrdstone to ultimately contain its corruptive properties. Their skills include ‘Healing Circle’, an AOE healing spell. ‘Comet of Sigmar’, a magical attack that bypasses armour. And finally “Blessing of Speed”, which increases movement of its target by 1 meter, and increases climb, leap, and jump-down checks by 10%.

The Warcamp: The warcamp is a hub from where you’ll head into skirmishes and manage your warband. This feature will be updated incrementally, to include more activities throughout Early Access and to release.

Armour and weapon equipment: In this update, you will be able to change the armour for each unit in your warband with statistical changes. Visual changes will be coming later in the Early Access. You will also be able to change weapons, with two sets for each unit. Visual changes for weapons are included in this update.

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Source: Press Release