Moonrise by Undead Labs New Details and Screenshots

While at PAX Prime 2014, we met with free-to-play mobile title Moonrise developer Undead Labs.

Moonrise by Undead Labs New Details and Screenshots

Moonrise is a next generation RPG experience for mobile devices that features a gorgeous 3D world and deep, strategic gameplay.

Here are the game features:

  • Gorgeous Graphics: Beautifully rendered creatures, on stunning backdrops depicting exotic in-game locations
  • Real-Time Tactical Combat: Your mastery of your team’s skills contributes directly to your success in combat. Pick the right attacks or defenses, and swap your active Solari in and out for optimal matchups
  • You’re In the Fight: Your character is part of every combat, using your array of skills and items to help your team of Solari win the fight
  • Deep, Engaging World: Your character can engage with the ongoing stories of the world, from small, personal NPC interactions to large political struggles

Here is how the developer describes Moonrise:

Set off on an epic adventure to fulfill your destiny and become a master Warden! Journey to the far reaches of the world, discovering ancient ruins and braving the untamed Wildlands in your search for magical creatures that inhabit every corner of the world. Unleash powerful spells to capture these wild creatures, and command their awesome powers to defeat challenging rivals you’ll encounter in your travels. Strike out on your own or join with your friends to explore this online world and build your collection of powerful creatures. Battle, breed, and evolve your creatures to create the ultimate army on your quest to be the most powerful Warden ever!

 Take a look at the new screenshots below:


Moonrise is available at the App Store and Google Play.

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Source: Press Release