Monster Super League Receives New Holiday Content Update

Monster Super League Receives New Holiday Content Update

Seoul Sept. 12, 2016 – ‘Tis the season to be jolly as leading mobile game publisher and developer Four Thirty Three Inc. launches the latest Christmas-themed update for its action-packed, collection mobile role-playing game (RPG), Monster Super League. From Dec. 8 to Jan. 3, mobile gamers worldwide can bask in a “Winter Wonderland” as the update comes filled with new holiday-themed content and events to aid players in their Astromon collection journey – available now for free in the App Store and on Google Play.

Fans of modern and classic collection games can revel in the world created in Monster Super League, a unique take on strategy RPGs, giving players the chance to journey through eight distinct regions filled with over 550 unique and lively Astromon to capture and train. Players assemble an army of the cutest of allies – each fitted with different elemental properties and combat styles – through Monster Super League’s on-field capture system. Using the game’s customizable growth system, players can evolve each Astromon into formidable forces in the Astromon League challenging a sea of enemies.

Monster Super League Receives New Holiday Content Update

In the ‘Winter Wonderland’ content update, Astromon trainers will:

  • Participate in the ‘Winter Wonderland’ Event: Welcome the winter season by clearing various in-game missions, for awesome rewards;
  • Uncover and beat the Winter Wonderland Missions: Clear the story mode (Hard / Extreme), using energy, clearing dungeons, ascending Astromon and clearing all missions;
  • Earn rewards: Beat the missions to win rewards such as the Legendary Secret Egg, the Lightstone, gold and other items. Rewards can only be claimed once per account after clearing a mission in the inbox within seven days of clearing the mission. 

Players will also be able to meet our new holiday-themed Astromon Snowee, an Astromon made from snowflakes:

  • Available for a limited time: Snowee can only be captured in the story mode stages during the special event, so don’t miss out on adding this Astromon to the collection (available 12/08 – 12/22);
  • Where to find Snowee: Randomly encounter Snowee in one of its three forms, Snowee, Snowena and Jill Frost, in the Normal, Hard and Extreme stages of the story mode.

Monster Super League is available now to play for free on iOS and Android worldwide.