MONSTER SLAYERS New Rogue-like Deck-Building Game Coming Soon to Steam

MONSTER SLAYERS New Rogue-like Deck-Building Game Coming Soon to Steam

Digerati is pleased to announce that Monster Slayers, a new card-based adventure developed by Nerdook (Vertical Drop Heroes HD, Reverse Crawl), will launch March 23rd on Steam, priced $7.99.

Monster Slayers is a deck-building rogue-like adventure. Create a hero, explore the dangerous regions of the Northern Valley and construct a deck to suit your style. Defeat legendary monsters and return to the Monster Slayers Guild as a true Master Slayer! Featuring an innovative card-based battle system, Monster Slayers is a high definition re-imagining of the popular flash game, which has been played over 11 million times worldwide!


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Key Features
  • Unique card-based combat system: customize your hero’s deck with new cards, and test your deck in battles against a large variety of enemies
  • Randomly generated levels, enemies and loot: each playthrough will be different and its own unique experience
  • Select persistent Companions to join your party, lending their unique skills to your hero to achieve victory
  • Purchase persistent upgrades as your heroes gain Fame with each run
  • The title tells you all you need to know: lots and lots of monsters to slay for fame, gold and glory!
  • Design and coding by the prolific developer, Nerdook
  • Challenge your friends on the Top Slayers leaderboards

Watch the Monster Slayers Steam Trailer:

Monster Slayers will launch for PC on Steam March 23, 2017.