Monster Castle Now Available for Mobile

Monster Castle Now Available for Mobile

New Mobile Game Monster Castle Offers a Fresh Take on Tower Defense and Strategy

(Hong Kong) – December 3rd, 2015 Mobile games publisher Sixjoy has announced today the release of Monster Castle, a tower defense strategy game that combines resource building, multiplayer combat and hero advancement with unique character art and a compelling storyline. Monster Castle is a free-to-play mobile game available today in 15 languages.

Set in a medieval fantasy world full of rich characters and lore, Monster Castle follows a horde of renegade monsters who escape the clutches of an evil knight and his human army.

Among its key elements, Monster Castle features:

  • Strategic castle building: Players must be careful where they place their equipment and allocate their weapons, to make sure the invading army can’t reach and destroy essential structures like the gold mine, wine barrel or Hero throne.
  • Plenty of monsters: orcs, goblins, witches, gnolls, mummies and ghosts are but a few of the countless creatures ready to be part of the monster army.
  • Worldwide PvP: Players can attack other players’ castles to loot their resources and gain rewards, or form alliances and fight in monster clan wars.
  • Extensive weaponry: Keep the enemy out with crossbows, spike pits, cannons, flamethrowers and much more.
  • PvE campaign: A multitude of levels with increasing difficulty and stronger enemies.
  • Heroes: Players can recruit Hero monsters with special attributes and skills to defend and attack.

You can now download Monster Castle from the App Store and Google Play.

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