Monster Castle Launches Christmas Heroes and New Features in Latest Update

Monster Castle Launches Christmas Heroes and New Features in Latest Update

December 22, 2015 – Games publisher Sixjoy has announced the launch of a brand new update to its tower defense title, Monster Castle, only a few weeks after the game’s global release. This update brings a slew of Christmas-themed content, along with some upgrades to the game’s main systems.

Players who update to the new version will be able to see their castle fully decked out in holiday decorations, including Christmas trees, wreaths and tinsel against a snowy winter backdrop.

Aside from the festive look of Monster Castle, the update will feature:

  • Two new heroes: Rudolph and Storm Tetrisnov, which players can recruit from the Hero Portal.
  • The Statue of Azathoth, an underground chamber under the castle that allows players to produce resources faster.
  • A number of new buffs to improve castle defenses.
  • A new item that will accelerate the cooldown for building and production.
  • A variety of in-game holiday sales and discounts.

Additionally, Monster Castle will be one of the select games to participate in Google Play’s “Year-End Sale.”

About Monster Castle

With a horizontal view that immediately sets it apart from other strategy and resource building games, Monster Castle offers a fresh take on traditional tower defense mobile games. Among its key elements, the game features:

  • Strategic castle building
  • Wide variety of monsters
  • Worldwide PvP
  • Extensive weaponry
  • PvE campaign
  • Hero recruitment

You can download Monster Castle from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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