Monster Buster: World Invasion Opens Registration for Android Beta Testers

Monster Buster: World Invasion Opens Registration for Android Beta Testers

Independent developer Tag of Joy just opened registration for their quirky augmented reality game Monster Buster: World Invasion Android beta testing. The beta will start next week with all the registered players having the chance to be the first ones to try the Android version and capture mischievous creatures roaming the neighborhood before the monster invasion gets out of control.

Everyone with an Android smartphone or a tablet can now sign-up as a beta tester on the Monster Buster website:

About Monster Buster: World Invasion

Monster Buster: World Invasion is an augmented reality monster collecting title featuring original 3D art, thrilling battles and an elaborate leveling up system that allows players to customize their monsters. The game swarms cities, towns and the countryside with 40 original hand crafted monsters lurking the streets, monuments and nature retreats. Players choose one of the three introductory characters and go on a mission to capture monsters using a location based scan and a smartphone camera to discover monstrous creatures in the augmented reality world. With each quick fight or wild creature battle, players’ monsters gain experience and level up their attack, defense or luck skills. Victorious fights award players with gold coins (in-game currency) and special ingredients that can be used to craft cookies and drinks that give additional boosts.

Monster Buster: World Invasion is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and the Windows Store. You can sign-up as a beta tester here:

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