Mojang’s Scrolls Design Competition Announced

Mojang (Minecraft) has announced the third design competition for the collectible card game, Scrolls.

Scrolls Gaming Cypher 2


If you own a full copy of the game, you can compete! For identification purposes, please either add your ingame name to your Scrollsguide profile page or simply to your submission.

For this contest, we will only be accepting spells and enchantments. Structures and creatures will not be judged this time.

You may submit up to 4 scrolls, with a maximum of 1 per resource. So you might submit one for each faction; or only a growth scroll; but not two energy scrolls, for example.

It is now a requirement to use the Scrollsguide Scroll Designer. Submissions that were not created using this tool can unfortunately not be judged.

While adding a nice piece of artwork might draw attention to your submission, it is absolutely no requirement. Submissions will be judged no matter the art.


Judging will be done by Mojang only. A few developers from Mojang will look through all of your submissions and select 4 winners (1 from each resource) as well as 2 runner-ups per resource.

The submission process will last from now until January 18th at 18:00 GMT. Until then, you have time to tinker around with your submissions – think about them them, submit them, think about them some more, edit your post – your submissions will only be judged once the deadline has been reached, so you have enough space to edit that one embarrassing typo.

Your submissions will be judged on different parts. You might want to impress with a totally new, innovative mechanic, but you may as well take an interesting twist on an existing one. Try to fit your scroll to the Scrolls lore, that can only help!


Now on to the most important part: the prizes!
The winning submissions (one for each faction) will be implemented into the game*!
Both the winners and the runner-ups will also receive a special avatar head.

You can enter the design competition here.

Scrolls is available today PC and will also be releasing on Android tablets, offering a free demo version, and reducing the price of the full game to $5.

An iPad version of Scroll is also on the way at some point this year.

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Source: Official Website