Mobile Pokémon Clone Eco Spirits on Kickstarter, Video

Nintendo Life just announced that developer DOT Studio has placed the mobile Pokémon clone ‘Eco Spirits’ on Kickstarter.

Mobile Pokémon Clone Eco Spirits on Kickstarter


Earlier, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced in an investor meeting that the company has no plans to make or release any games on mobile devices.

Here is what Nintendo Life had to say about Eco Spirits:

“…this “unique” and “innovative” game lets the player trade their monsters with other players as well as battle with other monsters as you explore the vibrant and expansive world. There’s even talk of an online versus mode where different players on different mobile devices can fight against each other using the monsters they have caught. It’s certainly an ambitious project for its chosen platform, and with 250 different creatures it might be hard for the player to keep up. Don’t worry though, there’s a handy device called the “Monster Digital Assistant” within the game that gives information on discovered monsters, lets the player set their 3 monster team, and even buy monsters from friends. Certainly sounds familiar, right?”

You can view some Eco Spirits concept art below:

You can view the Eco Spirits video below:

Eco Spirits is being developed for Tablets (iOS and Android). Other platforms, like Web, PC (Mac and Linux), Smartphones (small screens), including home consoles, will be included only if Eco Studio can afford them via stretch goals. The estimated release date is fall 2015.

So if you like this mobile game concept, go ahead to DOT Studios’ official Kickstarter page and support them.

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