Missing: An Interactive Thriller Review for PC

This is our PC review for Missing: An Interactive Thriller by Zandel Media.

Missing: An Interactive Thriller Review for PC

MISSING is an episodic series bringing the 90’s FMV games and classic adventure together in a unique experience. In the first episode you play David Newcastle, the victim. Kidnapped for no clear reason, Dave will have to find his way out and elude captivity while trying to figure out who his captor is. Meanwhile, Detective Lambert investigates a series of mysterious disappearances in the city. Use your brain to solve puzzles, find items and use reflexes in action sequences to help the characters progress in the story.

This game includes episode one only. Future episodes aren’t available yet and will be sold separately.

Missing: An Interactive Thriller Review for PC


First of all, I’d like to start off by saying that we had so much FUN playing the first part of Missing! The game flows so seamlessly from movie scene to interactive gameplay and then back to movie scene that you feel a great deal of gratification helping David try to escape his fate. The puzzles and exploration were challenging – we have to admit that we used a couple of cheat walkthroughs to get through to the next stage, but only after we tried everything to find out what we needed to continue.


  • Fresh, exciting and different type of game – movie to gameplay back to movie and then gameplay again and again
  • Storyline that keeps you interested, feeling a sense of wanting to help out the missing victim, David
  • Fun exploration and puzzle solving
  • Movie scenes seemed to last just the right amount of time – not too short and not too long
  • Did we mention fun?


  • Still trying to figure out if there are any

Overall, Missing: An Interactive Thriller Part 1 is exciting, fun and addicting! It took us about 3 hours to finish the game and we are excited for Part 2.

You can purchase Missing: An Interactive Thriller on Steam for $3.99.

We gave a score of 5/5 and recommend a buy.