Minimum is Atari’s MOBA-Like, Third-Person Shooter, Now on Steam

Atari and developer Human Head Studios have released MOBA-like, third person shooter, Minimum, onto Steam.

Game Overview:
Set in a minimalistic stylized universe, Minimum features fast-paced, session-based combat that pits two teams of five against each other armed with powerful, craftable weapons. At the core of Minimum is a blueprint crafting system with endless possibilities, where players collect building materials from fallen foes and creatures to craft armor upgrades and gather loot to build more damaging weapons and gear during kill streaks, enabling skilled warriors to become deadlier as matches progress.

Take a look at several new screenshots below:



  • Competitive Team-Based Gameplay – Compete in 5v5 team matches in Titan Mode or Team Death Match using teamwork and cooperation while getting rewarded for individual skill in fast-paced combat zones.
  • Titan Mode – Battle in epic matches centered on the player’s Titan, a giant, destructive robot that fights for their team. Players can power up their Titan by performing tasks in-game, can defend their mammoth ally by killing enemy players, and can attack enemy Titans directly. The teams compete until one side’s Titan reaches the enemy base and destroys it.
  • Horde Mode – Adding to Minimum’s chaotic gameplay is the newly released horde mode, where players battle waves of enemies, while surviving as long as possible.
  • Customizable Weapons – Create hundreds of lethal weapons that power-up during kill streaks, which can be permanently upgraded and modified via the blueprint crafting system. Prior to each match, players can edit their loadouts to select the weapons they will have access to during play.
  • Blueprint Crafting System – Gather crafting materials of varying rarities and value during matches. Acquire blueprints by netting them with in-game achievements or finding them as randomized drops. New weapons, upgrades, and armor can then be crafted by combining the correct blueprint with the necessary crafting materials.
  • Customizable Armor Sets – Earn armor pieces by playing or crafting with the blueprint system. Players can mix and match pieces from each set to create a unique battle look.
  • Deployable Devices – Pack extra firepower during matches by using crafted or earned deployable devices, including turrets, grenades, traps and mines. Fighters can select what devices they carry into battle.
  • Full Steam Integration – Players sign in with their standard Steam login and will have access to their Steam Wallet and Inventory, allowing them to trade crafting items, blueprints and other items acquired ingame with other Steam members. Steam will also provide automatic matchmaking so players don’t need to hunt for servers.

Take a look at the new Minimum trailer below:

You can now download Minimum for $4.99 on Steam. What did you think of the video and screenshots?

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Source: Press Release and Steam