Mighty No.9: The Animated Series Official Teaser Trailer

Japanese studio Digital Frontier has released the official trailer for Mighty No.9: The Animated Series.

Mighty No.9 The Animated Series Official Teaser Trailer

Here is how the studio describes the new animated series:

The story focuses on BECK, a weak transforming combat robot, who was made to fight in a combat robot league as a part of the MIGHTY NUMBERS, the strongest robots in the world. When Beck is the only robot spared from a virus that forces his teammates to destroy mankind, he has to find a way to overcome his own inadequacies so that he can stop them.

In addition, here is what the developer Comcept had to say:

We’re proud and truly humbled to present this amazing teaser video for our new project: exploring a Mighty No. 9 animated series!

The awesome men and women at Digital Frontier put this teaser together (and on their own dime!) to show the world how amazing a Mighty No. 9 animated series could be. We’re grateful to have their passion and skill on our side, and we can’t wait to see how this project unfolds!

Take a look at the new trailer:

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Source: YouTube