Might & Magic X Ubisoft Reveal

Ubisoft launched a Mights & Magic X website. It simply says “Meet us at PAX East!”

In accordance with the Official Xbox Magazine, “Might & Magic IX, was released in 2002 by original publisher 3DO. Ubisoft acquired the Might & Magic IP in 2003, after 3DO declared bankruptcy. For the past decade, Ubisoft has focused on publishing Might & Magic spin-offs like Clash of Heroes and Dark Messiah of Might & Magic.”

The site also added: “The devs of the unofficial sequel project have reported having contact with Ubisoft, leading to speculation that Ubisoft may intend to publish the “unofficial” sequel itself. The developers of the unofficial sequel have yet to make any public statements regarding Ubisoft’s Might & Magic X teaser. ”

We might just have to wait until PAX East to see what develops.

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