Microsoft Research’s Project Adam Live Demo

Microsoft featured its object recognition technology, Project Adam, at the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit.

Microsoft Research's Project Adam Live Demo 1

Harry Shum, executive vice president of Technology and Research, laid out the impact of Microsoft Research’s efforts on the company and how it helps define the Next Big Thing. One of the projects he demonstrated show the company’s progress in machine learning and artificial intelligence: Project Adam.

The goal of Project Adam is to enable software to visually recognize any object. It’s a tall order, given the immense neural network in human brains that makes those kinds of associations possible through trillions of connections.

Shum pointed the phone at the dog pictured above. Project Adam thought it was a terrier, the audience thought it was a Labradoodle – and both were right. Both breeds are found within the Cobberdog.

Just to show Adam knows the difference between people and dogs, Apacible pointed the phone at Shum. Cortana answered, “I believe this is not a dog.”

Take a look at the Project Adam live demo below:

“The computing paradigm is shifting from personal computing of the past to the future, as the user is now in the center,” Shum said. “It’s no longer the computing power or storage or bandwidth, it’s about people’s time and attention.”

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Source: Microsoft