METRICO+ Releasing Aug. 23 on PS4, Xbox One and Steam

METRICO+ Releasing Aug. 23 on PS4, Xbox One and Steam

Digital Dreams Announces Release Date of the New Version of the Popular PS Vita Title

Utrecht, The Netherlands  — Dutch developer Digital Dreams has announced that its infographic adventure METRICO+ will release on August 23rd, simultaneously on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam.

To celebrate the upcoming launch, Digital Dreams has released a brand new trailer for Metrico+. This Worlds of Metrico+ trailer features all new worlds that can be explored in Metrico+, and can be viewed on

“The response we got from both the many players and press on the original game for PlayStation Vita was extremely positive, and one of the most heard comments was that people wanted to play the game on platforms other than the Vita as well”, said Digital Dreams Level Designer Roy van de Mortel. “With Metrico+, we can now finally give players the opportunity to experience the world of Metrico on all major platforms, along with new content that is 100% exclusive to this version. Both old and new players are sure to find something to love in this completely redesigned version of Metrico, whether it’s the mechanics, puzzles, visuals or story!

We’re really excited about Metrico making the transition to bigger screens and can’t wait to share the look and feel of the Metrico+ experience with an entirely new audience on Steam and consoles.”

Exclusive soundtrack by Palmbomen can only be listened to by playing Metrico+

Dutch synthesizer composer Palmbomen wrote original music specifically for each world in Metrico+. The music is written to completely respond to the way you play the game, and therefore the only way you can listen to his score. There will not be an album released separately.

Here is the new Metrico+ World Trailer:

Metrico+ will be available on August 23, 2016 on the PlayStation Store, the Xbox One Store and Steam for $13,99 / €13,99.

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