Messy Bird by Kool2Play Has Launched for Mobile Devices

Messy Bird by Kool2Play Has Launched for Mobile Devices

Messy Bird is Kool2Play’s answer to the iOS/Android F2P gamer’s need for poop-themed comedy.

Warsaw, September 26 2015 – Kool2Play, a bold emerging studio in the mobile games market invites the gamers worldwide to make a mess while saving planet Earth on their iOS and Android devices. Messy Bird, which has launched on the App Store and Google Play, is a tongue-in-cheek Free-to-Play arcade title boasting the self-proclaimed title of “the best poop-themed game since the 1990s.”


  • Simple, satisfying, and fresh mechanics with easy to grasp two-finger controls
  • Short, fast-paced gameplay leaving you with an itch to play “just one more round”
  • Insane record beating leading to high-scores and achievements
  • Loads of unlockables that make the game evolve and become even more colorful as you play
  • Witty references to pop culture, leading to many “oh, I see what they did there!” moments

Messy Bird takes the pop culture’s most tired cliché storyline of an alien invasion and adds extra something on top of it, to make things interesting for the modern mobile gamers. Taking cues from  a particular sub-genre of slapstick comedy, the game tasks the player, controlling a bird annoyed by a sudden alien invasion, to shoot down extraterrestrials with well-timed projectiles of guano. Hilarity ensues, as the player enters the quirky world of Messy Bird.

Here are the new screenshots:

Take a look at the launch trailer:

You can download Messy Bird right now at the App Store and Google Play.

About Kool2Play:

Kool2Play is a developer and publisher specialized in mobile and F2P games. Our team consists of professionals with real passion for games and a vast knowledge of the international gaming industry mixed with years of experience. Our goal is presenting unique and innovative games to a large audience. Positive emotions and absorbing gameplay are the key marks of all titles published by Kool2Play.

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