Mercenary Kings Headed to PS4 and Steam, Video

Last year, Tribute Games’ Mercenary Kings released on Steam Early Access.

Now, the developer announced that Mercenary Kings will release on PS4 and Steam April 1st.

Here is what Tribute Games had to say about Mercenary Kings,

In this action-packed adventure, you must choose between Empress and King, two members of the elite squad known as the Mercenary Kings! Dropped on Mandragora Island, you’re tasked with one mission: rescue the brilliant Dr. James Neil from the forces of C.L.A.W. (Cyber Loyalist Active Weapons) and prevent them from using the Mandrake Formula to conquer the globe.

You can be a lone wolf if you dare, or assemble your own team of mercenaries to take down C.L.A.W! Your crew can have up to four players, whether it’s on your couch or online.

You can view the official Mercenary Kings PS4 trailer below:

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Source: PlayStation Blog