A-Maze-In Now Available for iOS

In a press release sent to Gaming Cypher today, developer MAROBI Entertainment Inc. announced that A-Maze-In is now available for iOS.

A-Maze-In is one of the most original and irreverent maze games in the App Store: an epic adventure filled with traps, crazy power-ups, and scary mythological monsters.

A-Maze-In Now Available for iOS

Robert Pitman, executive producer, Marobi Entertainment:

“We have the deepest appreciation for classic arcade games like Pac-Man and Gauntlet. A-Maze-In was inspired by the classics—but it charts its own path with a charming protagonist, lengthy campaign, and monsters taken straight out of Greek mythology. Ever wanted to play as a wind-breaking, fire-belching Minotaur? Well, now is your chance!”

Embark on a quest as Mino, a teen Minotaur who attempts to rescue his true love, Mina, from her captor—facing Cyclops, Hydras, Harpies, and Centaurs through 5 unique islands and more than 110 mazes. Help Mino defeat five challenging bosses such as the terrifying Medusa, Cerberus the Hellhound, and even the Kraken itself!

If you want to stay in one piece, you can make use of Mino’s many Minotaur abilities—including special skills such as “Fire Belch” (a deadly burp that turns enemies into ash) and “Force of Nature” (fart to stun enemies!). Another strategy is to avoid the game’s deadly traps—such as floor spikes, giant boulders, crumbling floors, and flame throwers. Navigate the maze and locate the key (or keys!) that unlock the exit to proceed on your journey.

* 110+ unique mazes to explore
* 5 distinct themes—from Medusa’s underground lair to the Kraken’s watery tomb
* 40 + achievements
* 11 different enemies: Harpies, Greek warriors, three-headed Hydras, and the inimitable Cyclops
* Great cartoon-style visuals and fun effects: Stun enemies by breaking wind or destroy them by belching fire!
* Dangerous traps to avoid—such as flamethrowers, crumbling floors, saw traps and giant boulders
* Find and use magic portals; collect potions to power up Mino’s special abilities; locate keys to open up new areas; and eat the bones of the dead to gain hearts and improve your score

Take a look at the official trailer below:

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A-Maze-In is free to download and play. In-app purchases are optional; players can find them in the aptly named “MinoStore.”

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Source: Press Release