Mayan Death Robots Developer Changes Features

Mayan Death Robots Developer Changes Features

New single player versus AI batting joins local multiplayer mayhem, while online play bites the dust… for now

It’s with great joy that independent developer Sileni Studios announces the addition of single- player versus AI battles to Mayan Death Robots, joining the local “couch” PvP multiplayer already in the game. But everything has its price, and this time it’s the online play which will no longer be in the game at launch. Expectant fans shouldn’t be downhearted – now they’ll be able to hone their alien robot battle skills during those quiet moments alone before they kick their friends’ behinds into next week.

“We had to work out what we could do for launch with the resources we have, and online just wasn’t feasible right now, so we focused on the single-player game,” said Karel Crombecq, chief punching bag at Sileni Studios. “We’ll see later what we can do with online, but for now, work on the single player AI is going great and we can’t wait to get it into people’s hands at launch.”

Published by Soedesco and heading to PC this Autumn and consoles at a later date, Mayan Death Robots serves up mayhem-fueled mechanized warfare in player vs. player battles with echoes of classic titles like ‘Scorched Earth’. Arm your robot, choose your target, and blast the Mayan crud out of each other.

Take a look at the gameplay video:

Mayan Death Robots will be at gamescom next week.

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