Maximum Archery The Game Available Now on Steam

Maximum Archery The Game Available Now on Steam

Play Maximum Archery the Game on STEAM to experience Ultra-Realistic Bow Hunting to bag monster game and compete globally while using hunting equipment as you would in the woods

STEAM Game Upgrade includes NEW Levels & Animals

Now available through STEAM Online Gaming Community. Maximum Archery the Game is a first person bow hunting simulation game. The game is targeted for users who love a challenging hunt for trophy whitetail deer, bear and small game.

About Maximum Archery The Game:

The game features 30 different episodes with an array of environments to choose from with different weather and hunting conditions to deal with. You are also able to customize almost every piece of equipment, altering their appearance to match player’s preferences. On top of the upgradeable camo, consumables such as bait, scent spray, and scent wafers lower the chances of deer spotting you can make a big difference in completing a hunt.

Primary and secondary equipment is offered and upgradable through the game allowing you to progress and gain a better “skill level” as a hunter. You’ll need a hunting license, which allow the player to shoot animals within the game.  There are currently licenses for whitetail doe, whitetail buck, bear, raccoon, turkey and squirrel.  When a new player starts the game they receive the doe license. The remaining licenses are earned-in-game bucks.

Maximum Archery The Game Available Now on Steam

Gameplay in Maximum Archery is broken into three phases. The first phase is the Pre Hunt setup. In this phase, players must choose which tree stand or blind they would like to hunt from. Generally this selection is based on the current wind direction which can be determined by the player’s GPS. The player then walks through the environment to their chosen location. Once they have found their desired tree stand the player strategically places items such as decoys, scents, or lures to attract deer to their stand.

Once everything is in place, the player can enter the hunting phase of the game. From the tree stand or ground blind of their choice, the player can use grunt calls, rattles, and bleat cans to call (attract) the deer; or try to spot them with their binoculars and rangefinder. Once a deer is near, the player can chose to draw and shoot their bow. Different elements are taken into play here like wind resistance on your arrow, deer awareness (movement could cause them to spot you), and distance, and proximity of the shot.

After the shot is taken, the player enters the third phase of gameplay. This phase follows a different path based on whether they have successfully killed a deer or not. A successful shot/kill is achieved when the player’s arrow hits the heart or lungs of the deer. If you hit elsewhere on the deer or miss the deer completely, this is deemed as a mission fail. If players successfully hit their target, they must then collect their deer. This is done by getting out of the tree stand and following a blood trail. Once found, the player is taken to a summary screen that outlines the points and soft currency (bucks) earned for their kill.

Once you’ve complete an episode your total score is updated real time to our leaderboards. We have a daily, weekly, and monthly time period that tracks the user’s scores as they compete globally. The system takes into account a variety of different elements such as distance, proximity, lethality, deer size, small game shot, and accuracy.

You can now download Maximum Archery The Game for $9.85 on Steam. (42% off sale good through Jan. 17). The game includes soft currency called bucks. Game Bucks are earned by completing episodes. The higher score you get at the end of each episode will grant you a higher currency earned. Game currency is used to progress within the game to purchase all items and upgrades.

Operating System: Windows 7 | 64 bit Processor/CPU: Dual Core @ 3.0 GHZ | Graphics/GPU: NVidia 512MB card, or AMD 1GB Card | Ram: 4gb | Hard Drive: 3.1gb

Operating System: Mac | OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) | Processor/CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.66 GHZ) | Graphics/GPU: ATI 256MB Card | Ram: 2gb | Hard Drive: 3.1gb