Mass Effect 4 Will Not Relate to Any Shepard Events At All

In an interview with Complex, BioWare’s Mass Effect 3 game Lead Writer, Mac Walters, stated that Mass Effect 4′s plot will not touch on Shepard’s story “whatsoever.”

Walters stated,


“Well, I can’t get into details, but the idea is that we have agreed to tell a story that doesn’t relate necessarily to any of the Shepard events at all, whatsoever.

“That’s what we’ve been deciding for a while. But throughout it all, one of the key things is that it has to be Mass Effect. It can’t just feel like a spin-off. It has to feel like a Mass Effect game at its heart, at its core. Just without the Shepard character or the Shepard specific companions.”

Here is what Walters had to say about Mass Effect 3’s ending,

“To be fair, I get people, especially at the conventions, who will say, ‘I loved it. It was heart-wrenching, but I felt it was right for my Shepard.’ And to me, that’s why it was the right path. But because there was no choice, it was going to be right for some people, and for others, in the middle, and other people were obviously very upset about it. In hindsight, I don’t think there was anything we would have changed about that, but it is a really good lesson learned.”

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see Shepard in Mass Effect 4 or would you like to see a brand new protagonist?