MashMe: Become an Animated Character Now on Kickstarter

MashMe, the cool concept where you can become an animated character, chat with your friends or create amazing animated videos is now on Kickstarter, where it received more than $11,000 from 190 backers in just five days.

MashMe: Become an Animated Character Now on Kickstarter

MashMe allows you to create amazing 3D-animated videos in just a few minutes. Using a webcam, your body movements, facial expressions, and voice are transferred to an animated character in real time. In addition to creating animated videos, you can chat with your friends as your favorite character.

MashMe comes with everything you need to create fantastic animations, such as characters, stages and props, so you have everything you need to tell any story you can think of.

“Until now, you needed years of animation training and it still took you 5 to 6 hours to create a one-minute video. We created a simple, fast solution that enables everyone to produce animated content. Simply put, we take care of all the technical complexities associated with making animated videos while leaving the fun parts of creation.” said Darian Skarica, CEO of MashMe.

Content creators can now quickly express themselves free of the technical constraints. Teachers can motivate students using fun and educational lectures—imagine a Tyrannosaurus Rex teaching kids about dinosaurs. Movie lovers can reenact their favorite scenes with their friends. YouTubers can spice up their videos. Ultimately, it’s about the greatest storytellers in the world – parents, who can create their own bedtime stories for their kids, their own personal Shrek and Toy Story.

Live video chat is a natural fit for MashMe, and it can work over any service, including Skype, Hangouts, or Chat Roulette.

“The fun starts when you really get into character and mess around with your friends.” says Skarica.
After 2.5 years of development, MashMe is almost ready for the public. The team is funding their final development push on Kickstarter.

“We are thrilled by the communities response in the first few days. We are going to make some changes based on their suggestions, and we plan to go even bigger in the next week.” concluded Skarica.

Here are the new screenshots:

 And, here is the official trailer:

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