Marvel Heroes Introduces Team-Ups

Gazillion Entertainment announced the new Marvel Heroes Team-Ups feature.

Here is what the developer had to say about the new Marvel Heroes Team-Ups feature:

It’s time to recruit some of your favorites to join the fight against the likes of Doctor Doom and Loki! Team-Up heroes are now available in Marvel Heroes!

Team-Ups are a brand new game feature based on the Marvel Team-Up comic series starting in 1972. You can now recruit a few of your favorite heroes to fight alongside you all throughout the game. The first wave of Team-Ups includes Spider-ManFalcon from the Marvel’s latest film, an original “Amazing Friend” Firestar and Magik.

Team-Ups offer three different play styles, whether they fight alongside you or protect you from off screen, each Team-Up has their own distinct power sets and offer tons of exciting new game-play possibilities.


The first wave of Team-Up heroes include:


  • Spider-Man: The original Marvel Team Up who started the comic series. Acrobatic Hero who uses his webs and spectacular agility to defeat enemies.
  • Falcon: Armed with an impressive arsenal, this version of Falcon flies from the movie screen into Marvel Heroes.
  • Firestar: An original from Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, Firestar generates and manipulates microwave radiation to generate heat and flames.
  • Magik: Wielder of the Soulsword and sister of Coloussus, Illyana Rasputin uses her teleportation and magic abilities to assault foes.





Source: Marvel Heroes