MapleStory Marvel Machine in-game Event Now Live

MapleStory Marvel Machine in-game Event Now Live

Spin it to win it in MapleStory’s Marvel Machine event starting today! Each purchased spin grants three random prizes, which can include in-game equipment, Cash Shop items and even exclusive Marvel Machine items. Feeling lucky? Start spinning today and grab those items before this event (and your luck) runs out!

Event Dates: Friday, Aug. 18, 2017 11:00 AM PDT – Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017 11:59 PM PDT

Event Details:

MapleStory Marvel Machine in-game Event Now Live

New Prizes:

Several new items for this run of Marvel Machine have been added, including:

  • Firestarter Ring: Grants a skill that can be activated to increase the Burning stage level of the current field.
  • Lv. 160 AbsoLab equipment
  • 100% 15-Star Enhancement (Lv. 150) and 100% 15-Star Enhancement (Lv. 160) scrolls
  • New chairs: Blazing Lotus Chair, Gondola Pair Chair (if two people who both have the chair sit near each other, an effect appears!), Pink Bean Ice Cream Umbrella, Fire Engine Chair, and Animal Crystal Ball Chair.

MapleStory Marvel Machine in-game Event Now Live

Other Prizes:

Some of the other items players can receive include:

  • Cubes to modify stats on equipment items
  • Boss Souls which add stats to weapons
  • High-level equipment (armor and weapons)
  • Surprise Style Boxes that grant a random Cash cover outfit
  • Maple Points: Can be used in place of NX to purchase items from the Cash Shop

MapleStory Marvel Machine in-game Event Now Live

How to Play: Players can purchase spins on the website with NX, Nexon’s currency. Please note that NX Prepaid must be used. Then players can click the “Spin” button to play Marvel Machine. The machine’s reels will spin, and provide the player with 3 coupon codes. These coupon codes can be redeemed in-game in the Cash Shop to receive the actual items. Prizes are a mix of Cash Shop items, and regular items.

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